Long Beach Community Compost boosts community health by upcycling food waste back into local soil and promoting human connection.


LB Community Compost starts as a community project.


In 312 community hours, we upcycled ~ 50,300 pounds of food scraps back into local soil.   

We upcycled ~65,000 pounds of foods scraps back into local soil.

Giving knowledge.

Over the past few years,  we have hosted a variety of organizations, including

  • City of Long Beach's Composter Recycler Ambassador Program  
  • School 
  • Local nonprofits
  • Companies like TravisMathew and SimpleHuman

Giving finished compost.

For residents, we provide donation-based finished  compost. Examples of how our compost is used:

  • By gardeners for their own  gardens
  • By teachers for  gardens at schools
  • By nonprofit leaders for   collaborative gardens   

Keeping impactful partnerships is instrumental in raising awareness to the  benefits of community composting. S/o: 

  • DTLB Farmers Market                   
  • LB Office of Sustainability

Support us with some cash. ($1, $10, $500...it all helps) ︎