Not to brag, but we’re building something special. Composting is more fun when it’s with community.  Actually, let’s brag about that....

Why community compost?

“I love composting with LB Community Compost because I get to be with my daughter and my neighbor. We just get to save our scraps and we just know that its turning into good soil that we can then use to grow other vegetables” - Liza

 “I like the idea that stuff is meant to go back to the ground if it's not going back to our bodies. I love the community that is associated with it a lot and it just feels less wasteful. We're supposed to be doing this this, this feels like the right thing to do” - Abby

“I like the fact that because I'm more environmentally-friendly that I am at least setting an example for the people in my life. I know the difference I make may be small but I think that if everybody does it, we can just do better in general” - Angela

“I compost with LB Community Compost because I want to minimize the amount of waste that I create in this world since it's easy” - Pam

“I compost because I think that it is the best way to complete the circle for what we do with our food” -David

 “We want to push for more education around community composting in this city. Also, having more drop-off spots in Long Beach at local community gardens and other spaces would be nice to make it more accessible” - Lisa and Silvia